Monday, April 27, 2009

Jet Privilege


Jet Privilege is the FFP from Jet Airways. I really like the name. I also like flying Jet Airways. The service is to my liking, the seats are good enough and most of all, the timing of the BOM – KWI flight suits me. I get to spend a good part of Saturday in Bombay, with papa, and then make it to Kuwait in time to get some rest and go to work the next day.

The problem is (along with the one I have highlighted in my previous post) the Jet Airways office in Kuwait doesn’t have a Jet Privilege cell. So when I have any queries regarding their FF program, I have to call up their office in Bombay. I could opt for email instead, but the reply usually takes at least 2 days, if not more.

It’s just pathetic. You have a FFP for passengers taking your international flights, but you have no customer support services in place to answer their queries.

The woman I spoke to over the phone (in the Kuwait office), kept insisting ‘sir, the information you are looking for, is on our website’. I tried to remain calm for as long as I could, and then I blasted off – trying to keep my voice as low as possible – ‘If the information was on your website, I wouldn’t be calling you, now would I?’. She paused for a second, I think she was rolling her eyes, and then she said she will check and help me out. I tried to be patient while she accessed the website and then surfed through the website, only to come back to me and tell me ‘sorry sir, it seems the information is not available, I will call up our Jet Privilege cell in Bombay and get the information for you. Can I have your contact number, so I can convey the response to you?’

Well, she did call the next day, she did have the information I was looking for, but I had already managed to get the same the previous day itself by calling Jet Airways office in Bombay.

I have to admit, their office in Bombay is very helpful, extremely courteous and they do their job well. It would be nice though if the offices here had a way to transfer the calls to the same call centres. I seriously doubt it would be that difficult to implement.

I did send off an email to Jet Privilege, yesterday – about the above and also about my missing JP Miles, for my last flight (the Claim Missing Miles option on their website, is unable to locate the details corresponding to my PNR number) . Still haven’t received a reply. Not even an acknowledgement that they have received my email.


Got a call from Jet Privilege - Bombay, today. All issues resolved and they did mention that my suggestions were being considered.


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