Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sorry honey, no disrespect intended.. but....


Just want to scream till I die.

Never really thought I would come across anyone who would have complete disregard for the feelings of his / her own child and give more importance to trash like 'log kya kahenge'. I will be honest, I have heard about such people alot, and I always concluded - there has to be more to the story. It can't be just this.

People talking about becoming global , and here we have individuals who can't even crop up their heads from being regional.

Your daughter's happiness is apparently not as important as .. 'How will you attend social gatherings from our community' 

It's so weird. There are individuals who will gladly let their daughter go with someone they have known only for a few months and have elaborate parties and functions for it. But if the girl wants to go with someone who she has known for over 12 years, trusted for 12 years and loved over the years.... it's UNACCEPTABLE.

Obviously, her happiness is secondary. What's more important is - We should be able to sit with OUR PEOPLE and not be ashamed or embarrassed. In the process, if the girl is unhappy - well so be it. Shit happens.


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