Tuesday, April 28, 2009


All morning I was worried about her father. I was genuinely concerned. I was cursing myself for being responsible for bringing up this situation.

All that time, I was under the impression that he had some genuine fears and doubts. I thought he had some reasonable justification. I thought he was worried if I will insist that his daughter converts.

My views, throughout the morning were - all i have to do is sit with him and talk it out and convince him that his fears and concerns, though reasonable and justified - are not warranted, since all of this has been discussed and agreed upon already between me and his daughter. I was sure that I could talk to him and convince him and put his doubts and concerns to rest.

But when I found out why he has been whaling all night.. I just couldn't help but grind my teeth.

What will we tell the people!! how will you attend social gatherings and community functions!! how will we face our relatives!! THIS THIS NONSENSE is more important than your own daughter's happiness!!!!

You would marry her off to a bloody goat if the goat was from your village/town and shared the same faith as yours, but you refuse to marry her off to someone who she chose on her own because YOU DON'T KNOW HOW YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS WILL MINGLE WITH THE GROOM!!!!!

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