Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BlackBerry App World For OS 5




I have posted an OTA link earlier, but that one is for To get 1.1.035 click here. Save the RAR file on your desktop and unRAR it.

To install App World you can:

Copy the entire folder onto your BlackBerry and navigate to the JAD file and execute it from your handheld (AppWorld\JAD\net_rim_bb_appworld.jad)


  • Connect your device using BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  • Go to Applications > Import Files
  • Navigate to the unRAR’ed folder and locate the ALX file (AppWorld\net_rim_bb_appworld.alx).
  • Click Apply.

9 Opinions:

Unknown said...

thanx alooooooooooot Lordraj
but u know ther are a new update now for app world 2.0 and the can not work cuz the new one pushed up ;(
can u help us and give us the new line for 2.0 app world plz ;*

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Abdullah,

I WAS using on my Onyx until yesterday. Seemed to be working fine.

Earlier today, there seemed to be some error. Not sure why, but will be looking into it.

As far as Appworld 2.0 goes, when I last checked it was BETA, available only in the Betazone of the blackberry website.

Not sure if the COD files are available, but will look into it and keep you updated.

L o r d R a j said...

Hello Abdullah,

About the error I was getting for my AppWorld (, well I have been getting that since this morning.

BlackBerry AppWorld is having trouble connecting to BlackBerry AppWorld Server. Please verify your network connections.

I just switched off the Mobile Network and tried to access App World using WIFI.. and it's working just fine.

Weird. Will look into it some more and let you know.

L o r d R a j said...

Very interesting.

Upgrading to AppWorld 2, NOW!

I went to www.blackberry.com/appworld on my Onyx. Clicked on 'Open in AppWorld' and done.

Of course, I had to be connected to the WIFI.

AppWorld 2 downloading now. Let's see how this works.

Anonymous said...

Hey raj.

Thanks a lot for the links mate. I cannot seem to be able to run the bb app world on wifi either. I'm from pakistan using warid. I hav the bis running on my bold 9700. When I try to open bb app world by turning off the mobile network and on wifi, it says insuffiecient network access or something and switch on ur mobile network. Please help me out, coz in pakistan the internet browser is still blocked coz of the facebook issue and without the appworld the bb sortof seems useless.

Thanks in advance

Talha Randhawa

L o r d R a j said...

Hi Talha,

I am just curious, are you sure you are connecting to the WiFi?

The icon should turn WHITE and not greyed out.
It will be greyed out in the beginning. Then it will connect, and you will get the WiFi networks name in the top centre of your screen.

And then when data transfer actually starts, your WiFi logo should turn white.

I would suggest confirming if you are able to connect to the WiFi properly.

Some netgear routers seem to have a problem in connecting to BlackBerry's (I don't know why).

Also, if it's an Access Point then you MIGHT have to add your BlackBerry's MAC Address to the approved list of the Access Point.

L o r d R a j said...

The easiest way to confirm if your BB is connecting to the WiFi or not is:

Switch off mobile network. WiFi on. And then open the browser on your BlackBerry and type in any web address.

(I usually opt for Cnn.Com out of habit).

If it doesn't load, then clearly the problem is with your WiFi connection.

All the best, Talha.

Cheers, mate.

Lizozom said...

Worked like a charm!
Thank you!

Serenity Dreamer said...

Can you put it on mediafire or other sites? ;D Coz I can't open megaupload..