Friday, August 27, 2010



Bought an iPhone.

Mom was complaining about the battery on her old mobile not lasting long enough. Plus other issues – Keys are too small, can’t see who is calling. Screen isn’t clear enough bla bla.

Figured will get her something with a Touchscreen interface. It’s relatively simple to use and isn’t much of a problem if you don’t send texts or emails from your phone. Yes, I am aware that people don’t have any issues using the onscreen keyboard of the iPhone. I am NOT one of them and I DO have issues using an onscreen keyboard. Just doesn’t work for me (psst – Just for the record, handwriting recognition is NOT the same as an onscreen keyboard – there are some idiots who don’t know the difference).

I had tried out the iPhone ages ago when it was first released – and hated it. Didn’t care much for it, but did give it a go a few times again. Not happening. Tried it out again, yesterday and still hate it. Gimmick phone and all that, just not for me.

Hopefully mom will get hooked on to Angry Bird or something. So far she hasn’t complained about it. 

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