Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So What Happened Here?


I am not an architect, but some things just don’t add up. Like… err.. What the hell happened here? More pillar block thingies on one side?!?!

If one just wants to be “DIFFERENT”, and not conform to the REDUNDANCY OF SYMMETRY - I am sure there are more creative ways than just adding extra pillars to one side. This just looks weird.


Now what is THAT? First, it was just the centre thing, and I was sure it was a fountain. Now.. it seems like the architect got inspired by the design of the Roman Senate and wanted to replicate it here. Considering the Semi Circle ‘ceiling’ thingy, I am guessing, the ruins of the Roman Senate.


And I honestly can’t think of ANYTHING to say about THAT. What is it there for?

4 Opinions:

Elegant Chic said...

A sunshade at the entrance? It's too hot, you see. :P
Or may be someone wanted a balcony with a fountain view? :P

And regarding the pillars, may be they made a hell lot of changes on the right side of the plan, which ended up in 2 extra pillars to support the stupidity they just built. ;)

This is nothing when compared to a newly constructed residential building minus the KITCHEN!!!

L o r d R a j said...

LOL@ a balcony with a fountain view!!

residential building minus the kitchen.... WOW!

Well, perhaps the builder figured - " everyone is crying about small halls in the new buildings. Lets give them a bigger hall! Didn't hear anyone say anything about the kitchens... ahh.."
What an idea sir ji!

Anonymous said...

If the architect is one of those 'Engineers' from Egypt then this design is not surprising. Funny, I heard about that kitchenless apartment too! Was it in Abbasiya?

L o r d R a j said...


Well who ever the Engineer / Architect is.. needs to get kicked hard!