Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Important Announcement On BlackBerry Services - Etisalat


In line with its commitment towards its customers, Etisalat will soon be announcing a range of alternative mobility products and services for its existing blackberry customers.

Please monitor the Etisalat website, etisalat.ae for further updates on this.


My view - nothing is going to happen. Services will continue, one way or another. But hey, what the hell do I know.

With Etisalat’s announcement, I was thinking that they would probably give away new lines to their subscribers in UAE. SIM cards from countries like Egypt or some place where the BlackBerry is NOT a ‘threat to National Security’ (*chuckles).

They could probably get those SIM cards with plans that have flat roaming charges and switch over the UAE users to those SIM cards so they can continue with the BlackBerry service. Something like:


New Picture


A friend just informed me that BlackBerry Roaming as well has been suspended in UAE. i.e. If I were to take my BlackBerry with the Kuwait SIM card to Dubai, right now – I wouldn’t get the BlackBerry service (?!!). Not sure about it - but then, this guy is rarely wrong about such things. Still - would like to have a confirmation on this.

IF that’s true, then the alternative I highlighted above wouldn’t work. However, Etisalat mentions on their website that they WILL announce alternatives. Intriguing.

But, I am still sticking to my first statement. Services WILL CONTINUE. One way or another. There is no way in hell RIM is going to let all these subscribers drop off it’s revenue stream.


"Alternatives" NOT happening. This is just stupid!


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