Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lalit Bhanot : “Athletes Can’t Practice In Delhi”


One would think that a year would be enough time to at least come up with a reasonably good set of excuses. They could have at least appointed some sensible spokesman. Coming up with good infrastructure.. well.. err.. that’s DEFINITELY too much to ask for.

CWG 2010 Organising Committee Secretary General Lalit ‘chutiya’ Bhanot just said “The athletes can’t practice in Delhi because of the pollution and humidity”

Well, if they can’t PRACTICE in Delhi, how do you expect them to PERFORM in Delhi?? If the Indian athletes can’t put up with the pollution, humidity and the general weather of Delhi - how can you expect the international athletes to put up with it?

ASSUMING that your bloody stadiums are still standing at the time of the CWG: An athlete puts up a poor show at the event, will you stick to this excuse when the athlete states “we weren’t prepared for these conditions, we weren’t given a chance to train in Delhi”!?

Wasn’t the pollution and weather conditions of Delhi considered when it was decided to host the CWG? Or is it that this is the first year in India’s recorded history that Delhi has experienced such weather conditions? Has it just dawned on the people involved that Delhi is polluted? Ye baat pehle nahin pataa thi??

Mooh kholne se pehle ek baar soch liya karo ke kya bakne jaa rahe ho!

Lalit Bhanot - About a year ago, yapping that he hopes this would be the best ever event in the history of the games.

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