Friday, August 20, 2010

BlackBerry AppWorld


My earlier version of App World was working just fine, until yesterday. Today morning, however was getting an error:

BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World Server. Verify your network connection bla bla.

Interestingly enough, the bloody thing works fine over WIFI. Just won’t work on the Mobile Connection. Doesn’t really make that much of a difference (to me, anyways).

While at it, decided to upgrade to App World, now that it’s out of Beta. How to upgrade? Well this is what worked for me:

  • Switch off Mobile Network. Connect to the WIFI
  • Go to on your handset
  • Click Open with BlackBerry App World
  • Upgrade


Seems like some people are getting an error of missing COD files. Well, here is a workaround for that. You will need to install this using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Firstly, remove all existing App World files/installations from your BlackBerry. At times, removing them from the device might not be enough. Connect to the computer using AppLoader and make sure that it doesn’t appear anywhere in the applications list. If it’s there, delete it.

Once you have confirmed that nothing relating to App World is on your device, download the COD files from here and unRAR them onto your computer.

  • Connect your device using BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  • Go to Applications > Import Files
  • Navigate to the unRAR’ed folder and locate the ALX file (AppWorld\net_rim_bb_appworld.alx).
  • Click Apply.

Once I was done with that, going into My World showed that I needed to get a BlackBerry ID. Got that done too. Connecting via the Mobile Network, I now get a new error:

BlackBerry App World is not currently available in your country. Please check for updates.

However, having absolutely no issues over WIFI. Ah well, it works - one way or another.

5 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

can you please upload this bb app world files? I can't find it anywhere!

Please, please, please.

L o r d R a j said...

Sorry mate. Didn't realise the link was dead.

Will post a new link. Just got up now. Need to go to work. Check again in about 3 hrs or so.

L o r d R a j said...

Hope this helps. I am not using AppWorld. I had this version working fine on my 9700 while I was on OS5.

Once I upgraded to OS6, it wouldn't work anymore. To be honest, I didn't bother much with it.

Anonymous said...

i got the same problem with my app world
"You are currently on a service plan that requires a wi-fi connection to use this application. If you want to use this application outside of wi-fi please contact your service provider to upgrade your data plan"

help me please

L o r d R a j said...

Err, I have the new version of App World ( now and it's working fine on WiFi and over the Network as well.