Sunday, August 22, 2010



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Just found out about this (obviously I haven’t been paying attention). Instant boost to your internet speed. Looks good on paper at least. Since I haven’t tried it out, not sure how good it is going to be in terms of actual use, but it’s nice to know that there is an option like this.

Pay-As-You-Go with Boosters to instantly accelerate your Internet speed.

Boosters can be purchased when you need them and as often as you want.

The DSL subscription speed depends on the quality of the telephone line that is provided by Ministry of Communications (MOC) and used for the DSL connection.

Gulfnet cannot guarantee the quality of the telephone line. No refunds allowed. Please call our Customer Care Center 181 6666 to check how fast you can go with your DSL line.

If this is the first time to purchase a booster, then it may take up to 24 hours to configure your DSL line.

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