Monday, August 9, 2010

Is Your Mute Key No Longer Functional?



I had this problem after one of the OS upgrades. Can’t recall which one. It didn’t get resolved with the further upgrades either. Looks like RIM has revised the functionality for the two keys on the top of the device.

Now if you want to put the handset on Stand By, while on the Home Screen - you can either use the Lock key (top left) or Long Press the * Key.

That resolves the Stand By issue. But those of us who have put a Password for the device, the Quick Lock option is no longer available. Stand By WILL lock the keyboard, BUT NOT THE DEVICE (as in – no Password protection until the Time Out kicks in).


- Go to Options (Spanner icon).
- Language and Text Input.
- Scroll to Input Language Selection Shortcut
- Set it to either Shift-Space or None.

Now go back to the Home Screen.

Hitting Alt+Enter will now LOCK the device, with Password Protection, regardless of the Time Out setting.

Yes, it was much easier having a single key doing it, but this is the only way that I could figure out to get this working with the new OS(s).

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