Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Murdoch Wants To Block Google Search


Rupert Murdoch has said he will try to block Google from using news content from his companies.
The billionaire told Sky News Australia he will explore ways to remove stories from Google's search indexes, including Google News.

Mr Murdoch's News Corp had previously said it would start charging online customers across all its websites. He believes that search engines cannot legally use headlines and paragraphs of news stories as search results.

"There's a doctrine called 'fair use', which we believe to be challenged in the courts and would bar it altogether," Mr Murdoch told the TV channel. "But we'll take that slowly."

Mr Murdoch announced earlier this year that the websites of his news organisations would begin charging for access.


For a really smart guy, Rupert Murdoch can sometimes be amazingly stupid.

Murdoch is insisting that the readers should access the content directly. So, if you were searching for something, which happens to be on one of the Murdoch company's site (err.. like Sun, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News/movies/channel) you will NOT get the results on Google!!

Go directly to the site and see what it has to offer!

What Murdoch suggests is, Google will have to pay Murdoch for indexing rights. Google DID pay Twitter, but that was to enable Google to index the tweets. I am not really sure if the same would apply when it comes to news sites.

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could you a give a link to the google pays twitter fact? Thanks.

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Hey Azneo, here are the links:



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