Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leverage – Season 2


Not all of it is bad. Loved Episode 9. But I think it had more to do with Jeri Ryan - than anything else. I have always liked her.

Again, it’s definitely watchable. There ARE certain parts in some episodes, which are just plain stupid. Of course, there are also some episodes that are completely stupid:

Episode 8 - The Ice Man Job

The guys switch the diamond and the diamond merchant doesn’t notice. Explanation - “he isn’t looking at the diamond” – absolutely pathetic.

Would make more sense if he sent one of his henchmen to do it for him. The henchmen not being able to tell the difference between the diamonds would be believable. A diamond merchant not being able to tell – that’s just bad writing.

Episode 7 – The Two Live Crew Job

Err, seriously!

Horrible episode. Major goof up – One of Sophie’s alias – Katherine, is buried. Funeral held, bla bla bla. But towards the end of the episode, the tombstone reads ‘Sophie Devereaux’!!

That’s not all. Chaos(wow, what an original nickname for a computer geek) bomb-planting doesn’t really add up. The bomb he planted for Stark was set at a timer and not on ignition! Horrible plan if you want to blow up someone. He should have read Double-Crossing for Dummies.

Episode 5 – The Three Days Of The Hunter Job

Not worth my time even talking about this one.

Episode 3 – The Order-23 Job

Hated it.

Pretty sure I wont be bothering with this one any more. Throwing it out of my Mac as I put up this post. Too much stupidity for me to put up with, and I doubt there will be enough of Jeri Ryan to keep me interested.

Nope, Gina Bellman doesn’t do it for me. Never has. Even in Coupling - my favourite was Sarah Alexander.

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