Monday, November 30, 2009

Coconut Handbags!




Firstly, let me say – WTF is this!!

I saw the pics and was pretty sure this nonsense would be in Kerala. But to my surprise it’s some island off the coast of Kenya. 

Off the coast of Kenya or not, I am pretty sure this is a mallu idea. Sigh… bloody mallus, messed up Africa as well. Perhaps the malayalees got tired of pouring into the gulf (or gggElfff – as THEY would say it) . Now they will go to UK/Australia via Africa. Guess the only continent they hadn’t tapped.

6 Opinions:

Mathai said...

There's no escape from us mallus :P

L o r d R a j said...

Sigh... shit happens. :D

Mathai said...

No no.. Mallu happens. btw have you started today's CCC thread? I'm just opening all my bookmarks now :)

L o r d R a j said...


Nice on, Mathai.

CCC thread - not yet. At home. Don't feel like going to work. :)

Happy Kitten said...

After five days of lazing arnd couldnt take these coco-nuts that you threw at the Mallus.. nd being a blue blood mallu myself can I say that UK and Australia have been Malluized since years..

sigh.. no more new continents for the Mallu to explore...

nd seeing the matters in Dubai nd the "Gelf" in general I think some mallus will soon pack their bags to Antartica / Artic.... while countries scuffle for ownership rights and for oil, our Mallu would have quietly opened his "Chaya Kada" or tea shop..

Anyway. hope ur Eid holidays went on fine despite the Mallus :)

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Happy.

Yes I am very aware that mallus have made it to the UK/Australia. They have reached there hopping around from one country or another.

Some hopped straight from Kerala. The rest hopped around via Bombay.

A considerable number hopped around the GELF for a while and then landed in UK/Canada/US/Australia/New Zealand.

"Looks like the next HOPspot would be Africa." Where they will be hopping on and reaching out to the other hotspots. - THAT is what I said. :)

My Eid holidays did go on well. Not a problem.

I managed well to avoid the type of mallu crowd I don't gel well with (it's not just during holidays that I try to avoid THIS type).

So obviously - City Centre and Pearl Centre (lulu) were off limits. Actually, Pearl Centre has been and will always be off limits for me.