Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I Would Really Like To See

Bombay Int'l Airport:

  • Meet and Assist services at the airport (arrival and departures).
  • Metal detectors at the entrance and removal of security idiots verifying your ticket print outs.
  • Counter(s) for buying a cell phone and wireless internet connection on arrival.

Govt. Offices:

  • Valet Parking.
  • Staff with a reasonable level of common sense and basic courtesy. They might be called public SERVANTS, but the concept of SERVING is seriously lacking.


Something similar to meet and assist / Concierge service -

  • Staff that gets the paper work / appointments / sick leaves etc sorted out for you.
  • Arrange and take care of transport / admission / discharge procedures.
  • Well.. you get the idea.

It's not like it's impossible to do it yourself. Just that - going from one floor to another, one counter to another bla bla bla can be extremely irritating. Especially when you have a patient with you - or worse - if you yourself are the patient.

Would be nice if there was one GO TO place where you can go and have them take care of everything. After you are done with your doctor's appointment - you come back to the same place and hand over the doctor's reports etc. so they can make arrangements for your next visit / appointment or whatever.

Medical Tourism concept provides similar service, but all of that is pre-arranged from the beginning. In some cases, the patient feels the need for all this AFTER his first visit to the hospital.

To the best of my knowledge - none of the above are presently available. If they are, well I don't know about it. If anyone does - please share the details.

There are people who wouldn't mind paying a reasonable amount for a bit of convenience.

4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

You said it Raj,

We need this at our Airports, Specially at Mumbai airport for that Chaukidari (Crsty;kk) environment.


L o r d R a j said...

Ummeed pe duniya qaayam hai

Agnel said...

Would anyone listen?
In India because of the crowd, we all suffer. Lack of exposure of handling things and uneducated men and women doing jobs at the lower level is the prime reason for lack of all this that you've mentioned.

If you plan, then you must execute. Unfortunately, we can't execute everythign that we plan :(

L o r d R a j said...

I really DID plan to execute the Valet Parking (that was a while back). The hospital thing too, I was thinking I could give it a shot. (Was thinking of pitching the idea to private hospitals first, would be easier to find out who runs the show and who is the right person to meet, and definitely much easier to score an appointment)

But as of now, there are some other important matters that require my undivided attention.

Once I am done with those - seriously doubt I would be interested in pursuing anything other than ending my miserable life - after sorting out pending matters, of course.