Monday, May 11, 2009

Heroes - Season 3



Got done till episode 25.

Conversations between Hiro and Ando - well I have decided to fast forward through those.

Parkman - oh Parkman. He was out to avenge the death of the 'love of his life' - Daphne (yawn). And a few episodes later, he wants to get back with his ex-wife! Interesting. He didn't think of his ex-wife all this time and now! Anyways, chuck it. Guess love doesn't mean what it used to. Can't say I am surprised. It doesn't mean much in real life (for some), no reason why it should mean anything in reel life.

There is something even worse about the show than Parkman and Hiro. No, it's not claire (this time). I simply ignore her in the show now. The worst character (in my view) now is Angela Petrelli. Always found her pathetic.

Over the top. Absolutely no sense or logic behind the character's actions. Err.. none that can be termed as logical or sensible - anyways. Leaving her sis behind in the concentration camp because some black dude says the sister will slow them down.. err.. am I the only one who finds that half baked?

And slow them down for what? For sitting in a restaurant and have fries! Oh please. At least ACT worried. Just a bit! At least look like you do give a shit.


I had a dream. I saw this in my dream. My dreams are open to interpretation. It's not exact.

How much do you sleep! Want to slap her across the face and yell at the old woman to stop sleeping so much. Get up and make yourself useful.

Nathan in Sylar's body! or rather, Nathan's memories in Sylar's body. That's really taking it a bit too far. I know it's fiction, but COME ON!

Ali Larter will be back in the next season. And I thought this show was getting better! Anyways, it's not as bad as it was in the previous seasons. Just for the record - Not as bad doesn't mean that it's great now.

3 Opinions:

BVG said...

Hey Raj, Do you still watch Heroes? The only reason I kept at it was because Sylar was simply amazing.

Now as the 4th Season comes to a close... He becomes good!


L o r d R a j said...

Hey BVG,

Heroes, nah - not watching it. Angela Petrelli talking on and on about her dreams was just too much for me.

The final nail in the coffin was Nathan's memories in Sylar's body.

Claire is just too blaaaaa for me.

Stopped loooong back.

Sylar is one of the good guys? WTF?!! Who the hell comes up with these crappy twists in an already pathetic plot??

Ohh, BTW, just for the record, for people who watch one episode a week, they might not understand why I get so irritated.

My problem is, I download a bunch of episodes and then watch them in a single stretch.

In my case, I don't get a week's time to forget the idiotic dialogues or stupid plot twists. I just jump into the next episode, and if there is more stupidity, or any contradictions, it just keeps adding up in my head.

BVG said...

Hmm I understand... I kept watching it cos I started it anyways... So want to see where its going... Same reason I kept watching Prison Break after they went into a fatal dive after season 2... The only series I felt was worth the trouble was Battlestar Gallactica...