Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Life IS a total mess. Trying to sort out one problem - barely done with it and two more come up. Things start getting better only to get even worse a few hours later. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrghhhhhhh.

Papa's treatment seems to be going the right way and that's most important right now. God has been kind on that front and I am very thankful for that.

You know - the feeling. The - It's All Over - feeling? Guess some of you know about it. Well I am feeling that way now and I have no intentions of finding ways to stop feeling that way. Some decisions are a hell lot easier to take, when you are feeling this way.

Just waiting for papa to recover and get back. That will take some time. Then I will proceed to restore at least some order to some lives. At least I will try. Hopefully things will go as planned.

mujhe phoonkne se pahle, mera dil nikaal lena
ye kissi ki hai amaanat, kahin saath jal na jaaye

Full ghazal is here

Feels like I am not thinking straight, but somehow I know that it's what I should do. Ahh well, why bother. People change their mind about some very important things. Compared to that - this is a rather trivial issue. Might change my mind about this too.

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