Monday, May 18, 2009


Had gone over with papa to the HRD Dept. of his bank and then off to KCCC. I had sworn I would never go back there, but then - one can't help the way things turn out.

Apparently there were a few earlier medical leaves which weren't properly stamped or some nonsense. The HR Officer said "if you can get it, then it will help". Papa turns into superman and says "yes I will get it done now".

Arguing with him about this is not going to help at all. So just called up my office and told them that something's come up and it will be some time before I can make it back to the office.

As soon as we walked in to KCCC - ran into this mallu female. She had a white coat on hence we figured she works there. So, instead of walking around - thought it would be better just to ask someone how to go about with the paper work. Was even more pleasantly surprised when she spoke proper English without the heavy mallu accent.

Turns out she works in the lab at the Psychiatric Hospital and was at KCCC to get her tests done. The woman explained that she just put on the coat to make things easier for herself. Her own words "This white coat helps a lot. Otherwise these people won't even listen to what you have to say".

She admitted that she doesn't know much about the KCCC but with her coat on - she can get things done, and would be happy to help us out. AND SHE DID!

She accompanied us from one office to another, did all the talking herself and got the entire thing done for us. All she asked in the end was a lift till the Psychiatric Hospital.

Sometimes - I am really amazed by people. I mean this was totally unexpected. Very thankful. Good to know that there is some good left in the world, even now.

The other times - I have a quote (recently adopted) which I have started using often - The only thing people are good for - is disappointment.

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Agnel said...

Drop it man. Seriously, it'll give more -ve feelings to you :)

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Agnel. Been a while.

How are you doing, mate?
Thanks for the suggestion :D