Sunday, May 17, 2009

Got An E66


So this is what happened:

I wasn't getting any sleep, decided to fix up the calendar and day events on the E71. Routine clean up etc. Now while I was doing that, I thought it would be easier to fix them all up on my Mac and then sync it to my phone. I must have forgotten to paste the contact details or may be I hit the wrong shortcuts. What I ended up doing was - erasing everything from my mac and my E71!

Now that was bad. But not too bad. I did have a back up of the contacts etc, one which I had made in October 2008. So I did have most of my contact information. Plus, I had synced papa's phone as well a few weeks back and now that he was coming down on the 16th, I wasn't worried. I could simply copy everything from his phone and then see what I needed and get it back into the E71.

While doing this - I noticed that there was a firmware update for my E71. Since I didn't have much to do, I figured - why not.

I did the firmware update. Everything went fine. EXCEPT - the Lock Code was not reverted to the default nokia 12345, but remained to what I had changed - just for kicks (ages ago) which I had obviously forgotten by now (I have no idea why this happened).

After banging my head for about an hour and half, I decided to see if the guys at the airport could do something to fix this. Why the airport - well err.. I usually end up in such situations on Fridays. :D (same FRIDAY thing happened when I ended up with my HP tablet as well).

Went up to the airport - the guy said it would take 4 days to sort it out. I decided to give it to FCC workshop, in the evening, myself. Now I didn't have a phone, and none of the stores at the airport had an E71 (yes I would have bought another one if they had it).

Didn't want to get the E75, I think it's sad. SE Xperia is a disappointment. Could have gone back home and picked a phone out of my cupboard, but then - just didn't feel like picking out an old phone from the house. So ended up buying the E66.

It's ok. I am not very fond of sliders. No QWERTY - sucks. I would have bought the E75, if the damn thing didn't have the dual keyboard, which makes the whole thing rather pointless, if you ask me. Not to mention - bulky.

Now I am using the E66 - not too happy about it, but it will do - for now. The E71 is at FCC. I also asked them to change the body - ended up scratching it a bit while I was in Bombay, so decided to get that done as well. 


E71 is back. Synced. All done. Now, if only this damn thing had a touch screen as well. I admit that this is great by Nokia standards, but SE's P series has really spoilt me. Waiting for the N97 now. Although it's a slider, seems like worth trying out. Expected somewhere in June.

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