Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The flash back bit of the film/screenplay is fine (excluding the item song, of course). Entertaining even. However… Prior to that point - it's idiotic!

Rohini as Sanga is a rather stupid character with hardly any sensible lines.

Shivudu falling in love with a mask?! Bas kya…

Kattappa's proficiency in combat could surely be highlighted in a much better way as opposed to an impromptu/unnecessary duel with an arms dealer.

Tamannah Bhatia as Avanthika is HORRIBLE. Can't walk. Can't run. Can't act! Laughable 'performance'. Her idea of a serious warrior stance / walk is hilarious!

The floating Avanthika in white was ridiculous and I thought it was put in for some comic relief.

Coming to the (much talked about) CGI bit - OVERKILL on the slicing or splicing or whatever that is called. It makes the frames look amateurish. For example, one blue butterfly is fine. A bunch of blue butterflies covering Avanthika's back looks like it's a children's animation flick.

Unnecessary aerial shots / drone footage (and too many of them), makes it boring. ONE is enough!

The CGI bits of Prabhas's leaps/jumps - BAD! Not only was it bad CGI but the idiotic sound effects that were added just made it worse!

The Kalakeya clan's language - Surely a less comical one could have been opted for.

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