Saturday, August 2, 2008

Man finds bomb in dustbin, carries it to police station - India


Tuesday, both Kaporia and Prajapati were standing by the roadside, waiting for a sweeper to clean up their shops. After cleaning Kaporia's shop, the sweeper went to a dustbin outside to dispose off the waste and spotted a suspicious object in the dustbin.

He informed Kaporia who realised it was a live bomb. Kaporia picked up the bomb from the bin and, along with Prajapati, carried it to the police chowki. "I found this in my dustbin and thought it best to bring it here,"


Question: There is a suspicious object in a dustbin and on closer examination you figure out that it's a bomb. Now, who would you rather have fiddling with it? A shop-keeper or the cops and the bomb squad (regardless of the generally accepted incompetence of the police force). 

Sahi kahaa hai - duniya mein paaglon ki kammi nahin hai.

How I wish the bomb went off when he was carrying it. I seriously do.

There are way too many idiots in the world. One of them dying wouldn't be that bad. Actually it would be sort of pleasant.

2 Opinions:

Unknown said...

It was so stupid of that person to pick the bomb from the garbage and then bring it all the way to the police station.

I wonder what they would have done if they found money in the bin instead?

A thought to ponder :)

L o r d R a j said...

hey sanj,
good point about the money bit. though i seriously doubt it would make it into the papers.