Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zakhm Jo Aap Ki Iniyaat hai

Sudarshan Faakir...

zakhm jo aap ki inaayat hai - iss nishaani ko naam kya den hum
pyaar divaar ban ke rah gayaa hai - iss kahaani ko naam kya den hum

aap ilzaam dhar gaye hum par - ek ehsaan kar gaye hum par
aap ki ye meharbaani hai - meharbaani ko naam kya den hum

aap ko yuun hi zindagi samjhaa - dhuup ko humne chaandni samjhaa
bhuul hi bhuul jiss ki aadat hai - iss javaani ko naam kya den hum

raat sapna bahaar ka dekha - din hua to gubaar saa dekha
bevafaa vaqt bezubaan nikla - bezubaani ko naam kya den hum

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Paraspak said...

Its a nice ghazal raj, I was listen this nice ghazal in chitra's voice in 1998 at my cousin's home in Islamabad-Pakistan, my cousin is a big lover of Jagjit & Chitra Singh, from that period to date i am searching this ghazal at various small and big stores but failed to find it, thanks to you that atleast i have lyrics of that now if you have any audio version of this ghazal then i will so much grateful to you if you send me that, thanks.

L o r d R a j said...


Thanks for the comment, mate. I do have the MP3 for this song.

If you could just send me your email, I could email the ghazal to you.

Cheers mate.


Paraspak said...

my email is & you can find me by clicking in my name link too at comments/opinion portion.

L o r d R a j said...

Hey Paraspak.

I have just sent the email to you.

BTW, I did check out your user profile and also your blog. but couldn't find an email address there, hence I put up a response to the comment, asking for your email address. :)

hope you enjoy the ghazal.