Saturday, August 2, 2008

Karnataka's War On Terror



Giving identity cards to citizens, amending the Karnataka Control of Organized Crimes Act (KCOCA) and revamping the Anti-Terrorist Cell (ATC) are some of the measures Karnataka government would take to combat terror.

ID cards will help combating terrorism.. hmm ok. Well, it's a start.


The CM admitted that Bangalore had turned into a "shelter for terrorists". The terrorists were using the sea route to arrive in the state and smuggle ammunition, he added. "Who is sheltering and supplying weapons to terrorists? Those who are doing so will be strictly dealt with," he said.

Using the sea route!! and you figured that out ALL BY YOURSELF!? Genius! Err.. so before this, what did you think the terrorists were doing? Sending the bombs by DHL?


If we go to a foreign country, they will throw us out the moment our Visa expires. But, in Karnataka, anybody can stay for any number of days without any problem," rued the CM.

And you think this is restricted just to Karnataka?

Just for the record, don't you think you are missing the point here. The problem to be addressed is NOT how to GET THEM once they are here.. BUT - HOW THE HELL DOES THIS STUFF GET IN!

Get your priorities straightened out. I think that would be a better start than the ID's

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