Saturday, August 9, 2008



The special effects are GREAT!

The movie starts of great. Cool bullets, extremely cool shots to the head(s), blood spilling, cars flipping, colliding bullets, curving bullets ('bend it like Beckham' style). NICE! Plot - well.. lets not go there.

Like I said, the movie does start of well. Just gets inching closer and closer to stupidity - with each passing scene. Morgan Freeman disappoints, but hey - he didn't come up with the script (assuming there was one), so hardly his fault.

Movies like this.. well WATCH THEM.. don't think. Just watch. Try not to think about it later either. If you do - you will most likely end up with asking - so.. err.. What the fuck have YOU done lately

Which really wouldn't be so bad, considering most of us ask ourselves that question anyways. But what makes it bad NOW, is the more I think about it, the more lame I find the movie and what it's trying to say.

Are the makers suggesting - if you are not happy with your life, and feel like a loser, being a killer/assassin could be your best shot at redeeming/reclaiming your pathetic life?

See.. told you - Don't think. Just watch.

3 Opinions:

AB,M said...

Hey, saw WANTED last night... Exactly as you mentioned, 'Just watch movie do not think too much' yes this is how i really enjoyed it.
nice stunts... that bullet with beckham ishtyle was .. gud :)
and when i saw bullet hitting another bullet, i paused and said to my friend ..'Hey dude, i saw the same shot years ago in india in some serial ...Mahabharat!!! :)


L o r d R a j said...

LOL@ some serial Mahabharat!!

Tooo gooood

Agnel said...

Watched it. lol
Was okay type movie