Monday, June 18, 2007

Virtual Reality

I usually don't bother much with Scientists coming up with new conclusions based on some new researches, Basically because most of them are just waste of the grant money they received and more often than not, the conclusions will be contradicted in another article based on some other research.

Remember .. coffee is bad for you.. then coffee is good for you (make up your mind) or how about this - smoking will mess up your lungs but it might also reduce the risk of parkinsons.. (now we have a choice)

But AT TIMES (when it suits my purpose), I do like to quote some researches or FINDINGS (as they call it) and here is one of them:

I might be pushing the envelope a little here, but - I ALWAYS KNEW COMPUTER GAMES WERE USEFUL

And to think there were tons of people insisting that computer games are no good, a waste of time and even harmful. :) - some people even wanted to ban games with too much of violence by yapping that it has negative effects on the brain and makes the gamers more prone to violence.

well.. ahem.. sorry to disappoint you but most of us know the difference between a video game and real life - some of those who might not know .. well they could get VIOLENCE PRONED even by watching Tom n Jerry Cartoons (ever noticed how many times tom gets whacked on the head with a frying pan or how many times he gets blown up by TNT explosives.. or... well u get the point right?)

BTW.. all I wanted to do here was just try to justify - to myself and to some others - the time i spend/waste in front of my playstation.

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