Thursday, June 14, 2007


Reviews suggested that it would be an ok movie.

For me.. the first time I heard of this movie, I was like - "great!!, first dejavu, then premonition.. and now this! Don't they have any other subject!!"

The thing that set this movie apart (for me) was - this one has Nicolas Cage. Figured - hmm how bad could it be.

Now that I am done with watching it, I can't believe how stupid it is.

Some of the visuals were fun to watch. It looked very cool, neat and all that. But the basic plot was too stupid.

As it is, no one takes the FBI seriously.. and here you have a serious threat and the FBI is chasing down a magician who MIGHT be able to see into the future and help them find a nuclear weapon.

There is a limit to how stupid one can be.

Ok check this out..

BIG BOSS AT FBI - "Alright people we got a nuclear - alert code red, southern california region - LA to sandiego - 95% certainity - nuclear emergency search teams are already on their way, but until they get here somebody please tell me what my agency, the FBI is doing?"

bla bla bla..

BIG BOSS AT FBI - "alright Callie what do you propose we do next?"

JULIAN MOORE (completely idiotic FBI agent) - "I believe the urgency of the situation compels the use of any and all resources to obtain Chris Johnson (that's cage, btw)"

so you have about 8 million lives in danger and THIS IS YOUR PROPOSED PLAN OF ACTION.
no wonder nobody takes these idiots seriously.

ohh how could I forget.. here the villain has an excellent approach.. IF CHRIS ISN'T A THREAT, THEN WHY ARE THE SAME AUTHORITIES THAT ARE LOOKING FOR US SO INTERESTED IN HIM??!!??!

waah waah.. kya logic hai.

The guy can see the future.. and fine we can make our peace with that piece of fiction and actually even look forward to it. But an idiotic FBI AGENCY and an unimaginative villain really necessary. I mean couldn't they be a bit more, u know - normal.

Honestly.. can't believe that people actually enjoyed this shit.

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