Saturday, June 2, 2007

Windows Vista Sucks

Just got myself a new laptop (my desktop just couldn't take any further abuse and gave up on me). The new Laptop has windows (crap) Vista (sucks) OS on it (which won't be the case for long because I am going to be formatting it soon).

The problem was that all the laptops available were running Vista.. so I didn't have a choice.

I was pretty stubborn that I WILL BUY IT on THAT DAY itself.. and well you know - when you want to buy something at 2:00 pm on Friday - you don't really have much options, ESPECIALLY when you are in a bad mood and just want to get it over with.

User Account Control - TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY - a VERYYY CRAPPY FEATURE.. annoyed me within the first 30 minutes of operation, no matter what I do.. the damn thing pops up with a dialogue box.. 'do you want to allow this.. do you want to allow that'.

Look, I understand security against viruses and trojans and spywares and all that, but for the love of god - do you have to make this SOO ANNOYING?? Bit difender manages to do it rather effectively without being so irritating (BD is irritating at times, but NOT THIS irritating).

About half of the programs I was using previously are NOT compatible with Vista. I was expecting that SOME won't work.. but here MOST OF THEM DON'T!!!

Unless you have a dual core.. the damn thing is a drag.

There might be people who disagree with my views on Vista.. if you are happy with Vista.. then congratulations, I am really happy for you. Perhaps I just don't know how to use a bloody computer. Perhaps I just expect a little too much.

I don't mind if a OS is not AS flashy, as long as it's stable and runs everything I require without bothering me.

Guess will have to wait a little longer for the other manufacturers to come up with driver updates for Vista.. and once they do, I might install Vista again.. but today evening.. I am formatting my Laptop and going for an older version which runs all my programs without giving me a headache.

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Well said Raj, but did not expect this thinking from you. Well my reasons are Vista came out after a bloody 6-8 yrs, and you know the market is so difficult to capture with apple know majorly for its looks and security. So Vista got both of that also and much cheaper. Well I believe thats business. Imagine when XP came out computers of pentium 2 and 3 were used and how terrile it was to use XP at that time, I guess we are going through the same phase with Vista now, but as you said in due course it is gonna be amazing to work with.

L o r d R a j said...

Well yeah.. like i had mentioned on the blog.. it will take time to sort out the compatiblility issues.

they sorted it out with XP (eventually) n they will sort it out with Vista too.. there r issues with some softwares n some hardwares as well.

once its sorted out, will give vista another shot.

Thanks for the comments.