Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Microsoft Shared View (Beta)

Hmm.. remote desktop. That's exactly what this is. The set up is a lot easier. All you need is the email address (of course the application, which you can download from here) and then join in / create a session. About 15 people can join a single session.

All the usual stuff, one would expect from a remote desktop application. Select what you want to share. Decide who retains the control, switch control as and when you want. Share documents files yaada yaada yaada.

Will work on it for some more time and then might actually have my colleagues install it onto their systems. Will make life easier for me on the days I decide not to show up at work.

Accessing reports and clicking on options myself would be a hell lot easier than explaining over the phone stuff like - "so... what do you see on the screen now?.. ok click on REPORTS, and the third or the fourth option would be PORTFOLIO POSITION BY SECTOR.. yeah click on that.. now.. you see on the right hand side..a field.. INVESTOR NUMBER .. yeah type in......"

Besides, if they get the hang of it, then they might just have this installed on their laptops as well, and thereby making it easier for me to get work done when they decide to take a day off as well.

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