Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aamir Khan bought agricultural land !! - SO??

Now.. if tomorrow you or me or anyone else decides to become a farmer, is there a law that stops us from that?

I am NOT defending Aamir, I am just stating my views.

I would join the screaming crowd and say he shouldn't be allowed to acquire the land, IF there was a govt program to distribute the land to current farmers, or there was someone willing to pay for the land and use it for farming immediately, or if Aamir had thrown out the original farmers and grabbed the land.

The land has been around for ages, not being put to ANY use. Nobody seemed to care. It could remain that way for years to come and still no one would've bothered, but if someone decides to buy it.. everyone is up and screaming..

If Aamir bhaiya decides to use the land for ANY OTHER PURPOSE other than agricultural, then make noise. I'll join in as well. But as long as he isn't doing that.. you can't penalise him.

If there is a loop hole in the system that can be exploited, IT WILL BE and it IS BEING EXPLOITED EVERY DAY. It might not be ETHICAL, but it's DEFINITELY NOT ILLEGAL.

Let the land be as it is.. no one has an issue.
but if someone wants to buy it - everyone is screaming- even more if it's a celeb.

This is devoid of all plausible logic.

If there is someone else interested in the land, let them enter into the bidding war.

As long as Aamir doesn't use it for anything other than Agricultural purpose, it's my view that penalising the man would be most improper (not to mention STUPID).

As long as he hasn't done anything ILLEGAL, you can't hold him legally accountable under the assumption that IN FUTURE he will commit an illegal act.

One can start legal proceedings WHEN he commits an illegal act. Till then this remains a NON ISSUE.

Just my views on the subject.

4 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Me Lord, the point is tat, why shud he state tat his profession, is farmer......when we all know who he is?

Now if he was tat great a nature lover and since the law states tat only farmers can own farm-lands, then he shud go thru proper legal channels and get the green light from a Court of Law.

But instead of doing tat, he knowingly n willingly changed his profession, on the related forms n papers, so as to get his hands on tat land.....and God knows for wat?

Lying abt his profession, itself is falsifying records against the law and illegal, on its own, let alone the land-grab.

Unknown said...

No law can stop anyone from being a farmer. Provided you become a farmer! There are many legal ways to being afarmer...No point arguing without knowing how it works!!

He didn't grab the land. You are not understanding the issue here. He provided documents stating he is afarmer and brought land marked for farming by the government of India and has kept it barren..thats the issue here. Noone cares if he has land or not. And again, there will be many who have done this!!

The only issue here is he has registered himself has a farmer and brought farming land. Period! If he shows that he has employed people to farm the land...the problem is solved!!!

There are people whose lands have been forcefully taken away by the government in the name of redistributon of wealth....

Noone cried then!! Guess there weren't many Aamir's then!!

L o r d R a j said...

btw.. jus wanted to add somethin. a car company has a few cars to dispose off. now either they can give it away for free or they can have an auction or they can put a price n sell it to anyone willin to pay.

now there is a person who needs the car but doesnt have the resources to pay.

n there is someone who is willin to pay but doesnt NEED the car, he jus WANTS it.

he pays.. gets the car.

is it right for the rest of the world to blame him for buyin the bloody car, or for em to blame the car company for lettin him buy the car???

simple logic.

L o r d R a j said...

Hitman, Jonyboy... if Aamri bought the land or not, the land wouldve been kept as it is eitherways, right?

not that it was being put to any use, RIGHT?

if he uses the land for anythin other than farmin.. then its illegal.

Hitman.. if the govt were to confiscate the land under land ceilin laws or for redistribution of wealth.. then it would be a govt program. as much as i hate the land ceilin laws.. i wouldnt oppose that move, provided the govt did infact DISTRIBUTE the land after acquirin it.

again, there would be loopholes in that too. n we all know how that works.

the guys says he wants farmin land.. pays for it n so far has stated that his intent is to farm the land.

as long as it is not proved to the contrary, the guy has done nothin illegal..