Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nokia N95

Disappointed. The reason could be because I am so used to the SE interface, and the touch screen of the P series has spoilt me.

The cam is good (5 MP). The GPS works (which I won't be using much. Was just curious about it. used it for a bit.. and now I am done with it. Just another feature which I don't think I'll be using). The two way slide.. in my opinion is pretty useless, but guess some people find it useful (I don't really use the cell phone for listening to music. Not much anyways).

But what disappointed me the most was, the handsfree. I actually thought this was a joke. There is NO MICROPHONE with the handsfree. As soon as you hook it up, it says "please use the microphone on the phone".

I solved the problem by hooking it up to my bluetooth headset but then that runs out of charge too, and that's why at times I PREFER using the handsfree. But can't use the one I got with this phone.

Probably there is another handsfree which does have a microphone and was not included in my sales pack (wouldn't be the first time, has happened before). One can definitely purchase one from the stores.

Definitely NOT worth the money spent. There are much better options to choose from within the same price range.

I'd say something upto 150 - 180 (KD) would be a reasonable price. But at present the phone is selling above 200 and I just think it's not worth that much.

Update - Just got back from the vendor. Told them about my problem with the headset (without the microphone). The guy apologises and gives me an attachment (apparently he forgot to include that) - which - along with the microphone - basically has a few keys (to use for the calls n the music player) and also a jack to fit in the stereo headset... hmm problem solved.

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Anonymous said...

Raj Why don't u wait for Nokia Communicator E90 (
Sony Ericsson Smartphone P1 (

I know ur taste.



L o r d R a j said...

thanks for the comments mate.

the SE p1.. yeah, was really lookin forward to that.. but the keypad is kinda screwed up. its like.. full qwerty keyboard n all but each key is assigned two values..

i.e if u press the key towards the left, it types Q n if u press it to the right, it types W..

thats the only put off (for me) other than that.. pretty good phone.

well i still have ma SE p990i, so no major regrets. hopefully there will be a betta one comin from SE soon. till then, p990i will do jus fine.

abt the communicator.. no way. neva bought one.. neva will. i honestly hate the pencil box bit.

i was seriously thinkin abt gettin the E61 from nokia though

but that is a lil too huge n doesnt have handwritin recognition (weighs the same as the SE p990i). n while i was thinkin abt that, i saw the n95.. n the GPS was what got me really curious.

honestly, i bought that jus to check out the GPS thing.. yeah it was cool for a while, now im over it. may be might use it some day.. but definitely not a regular thing.

other than that.. wanted to check out the 5 mp cam too.

either ways.. whats done is done. kabhi kabhi.... aisa bhi hota hai :).

no harm done.. i mean, like i said, it isnt too bad a phone. i will use it. but if someone wants to buy it now, id ask em to wait for a lil while n let the price drop a bit.

but ofcourse, i still prefer the SE ... too used to the P series interface n the handwritin recognition - web surfin n all - from ur cell phone - could neva get easier.

absolutely no hassales

Anonymous said...

Raj I fully agree about what you said. pls share your knowledge with other people always the way you've been doing so far. Your blog is very useful & fantastic

Thank you buddy



L o r d R a j said...

Thanks mate. appreciate ur comments