Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Download videos from Youtube.

The other day one of my friend was asking me how he could download the videos from youtube.

So I just thought I'd put it up here too, in case there are others who might want to know. If you already know, then great. In case you have a better option then please share (yes, I am still assuming that at least someone would be visiting this blog).

This is how it's done:

Go here n enter the URL for the youtube video and click on Get Video. The browser MIGHT block the download and a bar will appear just below the browser's menu. If that happens, then click on the bar and enter the url again and click on Get Video.

Once the file is downloaded, rename it to "(filename of ur choice).FLV" . You are done.

To play this file, you will require a FLV player. Tons of them available from the net, I am currently using this one.

4 Opinions:

Agnel said...

get orbit downloader.
Once installed, hover over the youtube video, u see an icon, click it, else right click and select grab option, it will automatically download with the filename.flv

that is the best i have seen.

for player, installed klmcodec160.
it plays jsut about everything...

L o r d R a j said...

thanks mate

Anonymous said...

gr8 tip... it virus-checked? Just had to get my PC formatted. Don't want to go through that again any time soon! :-)


Agnel said...

awesome. great to hear it did help :D