Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Carrefour Staff

Well yesterday I had gone to Carrefours again, and I must say I am really impressed by how helpful the staff is.

I needed a recovery disc for my laptop - (explained later, as to WHY I needed it)

I could have ordered it from HP by paying some amount. That was one option. or go to the supplier (somewhere in Farwaniya - got this information from the Customer Service at Carrefours).

I decided to try at Carrefours first (that's where I bought my laptop from.. well on a Friday afternoon, you don't have much of a choice, so you go to places like Carrefours or Sultan centre or the Airport mall to do your shopping).

I asked the sales rep if I could use one of their display models to create a recovery disc for my laptop. They were more than happy to oblige. He just insisted that I pay for the blank Dvds before I try to create the recovery disc.

It took me about an hour to get the Recovery Disc done and for that time - the Sales rep infact stood close by and if anyone came to see that particular display unit - the sales rep would politely inform them that this particular display model is being used at the moment and they can fiddle around with the others.

It's not THAT big a deal actually, but at least I haven't come across SUCH HELPFUL Sales Staff.

NOW.. as to WHY I needed the recovery disc.

A bit of a background, earlier I had mentioned how ticked off I was with Vista OS on my Laptop. I had formatted the damn thing to an earlier OS and was pretty much ok with it. everything I needed worked fine. A few things like finger print recognition etc didn't work, but I can live without that.

But after I had installed the new operating system, I remembered that HP laptops no longer come with a Recovery Disc (I think that's a crappy practice), instead, they have a recovery partition using which, one can create a recovery disc.

SINCE I hadn't thought of this before I formatted my laptop, the recovery partition was now gone.

It's not that I am going to miss Vista, but just in case, in future when other manufacturers release updated drivers to work with Vista, I just MIGHT want to give it a shot again.

An example - the UGA-101 - USB ADSL MODEM doesn't get installed on Vista.. it's not compatible. As of yesterday, NONE of the compatible ones are available with my ISP. They suggested I go wireless if I wanted to continue with Vista.

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Unknown said...

Now that went right over my miniscule brain!!!!!speak it in english!

L o r d R a j said...

LOL! hmm k, lets see if i can explain.

Some softwares (n sometimes Hardwares) r not always compatible with all operatin systems (OS).

eventually the company makin the software or the hardware release an updated version of the software OR the driver (for the hardware) to make it compatible with the latest OS.

Now, till the manufacturers DO THAT, the user can not use THAT particular software or hardware with the new OS n has to stick to the old OS.

Vista (the new windows OS)seems to have too many issues coz there seem to be ALOT of softwares (which i use) that dont seem to have an updated version to be compatible with Vista.

Ma laptop came with Vista n coz it didnt support some softwares n ALSO ma USB DSL Modemn (given by ma ISP), i decided to install an older OS which was compatible with everythin i use at present.

Hope its clear so far.

L o r d R a j said...

Now.. HP has stopped givin RECOVERY CDs with their notebooks (for some time now). instead they keep the recovery files on the hard drive itself n tell u to make ur own CD if u need it.

A recovery CD enables u to get ur laptops OS back to HOW IT WAS - WHEN U BOUGHT IT.

now i FORGOT to make the recovery CD from the Notebook before i formatted the damn thing n installed the older OS. n that means that i LOST the recovery files stored by HP on ma Lappy's Hard drive.


IN FUTURE.. if all compatibility issues with Vista are resolved n when the manufacturers come up with the new drivers n new versions compatible with Vista, I MIGHT WANT TO GIVE VISTA ANOTHER SHOT (thats what i did with Win XP once they sorted out all the bugs).

n THAT IS WHY i NEEDED the recovery CD.

the rest of the post is pretty understandable.. right?