Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cars - dealer maintained - THERE IS A REASON.

Some individuals prefer to have their car serviced through the dealership, while others don't really see the point in spending more money for a routine service.

Well, there IS a reason why some people prefer to have their vehicle dealer maintained.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not because these individuals don't value the money and hence don't mind overpaying for a service. It's actually pretty much the opposite.

These individuals do value money and they would rather spend a little more at one place than end up spending more - cumulatively - at more than one place.

See, when one has the car serviced at the dealership, one is SURE (at least that's how my head works) that only qualified people are tinkering with the vehicle and they know what they are doing. Plus it's a lot more convenient to go to the dealer and have everything done in one place, be it battery replacement or just an oil change or denting or whatever.

Sure, they do charge a little more than what one would pay outside.. but then, people who have their cars dealer maintained, give more preference to convenience and peace of mind, rather than saving a penny here or there (which at times - might end up in the person spending a lot more in three different workshops and spare-part distributors). Not to mention a comfortable waiting lounge to wait in while your car gets serviced.

If that isn't a convincing argument, how about this - dealer maintained cars have a higher resale value.

Still not convinced... hmm k how about this:

Your favourite local mechanic makes money as many times as you go to him with problems. The mechanics at the dealership don't work on commission basis, they get a fixed salary regardless of whether you show up with your car every month or not.

Now, who is MORE LIKELY to give you incorrect information about your vehicle? Who could - potentially - have the motive to lie to you about the condition of your car. The authorised dealer or your favourite mechanic who opened shop under your building?

It might just be a psychological thing.. probably there is nothing to it, but the point is.. When you hear a noise or your car isn't driving as smoothly or there is a problem in the start up or whatever - not every driver knows exactly what could be wrong. That's why they take the car to a mechanic.

At that stage, I would rather go to the authorised service station and have them look my car over.. as opposed to going to any other mechanic or garage and have them tinker with my car and tell me loads of stories and possibly charge me more than what is required.

I am not saying all mechanics are cheats. I am just saying, if there is a better option, then why not make use of it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanx ur Lorship. Tat answers my question. I'm taking my Maggy to the dealer for a chek-up.

Addie the Baddie said...


just what I thought

BTW nice going Dude

Anonymous said...

Point is debatable, Me Lord. :-)