Monday, January 25, 2010

The Street Lawyer – John Grisham


Never thought I would be saying this about a Grisham book, but – Absolutely rubbish!

It’s an old book. I saw it in one of the shops along with other John Grisham novels and was pretty sure I hadn’t read this one, so I picked it out.

The narrator keeps reminding the reader (throughout the book) that he is a well off white boy with a Lexus. At times – more than once – in a single chapter. Chances are that if you open a random page in the book, you are likely to read a line to that effect.

  • I parked at the curb, certain I would never again see my Lexus
  • With that I crossed the line from a bad guy to just an average white guy.
  • I wanted to ask if I should pack a gun. I wondered if he carried one. But he was black and I wasn’t. What about my prized Lexus?
  • Midnight, Friday night, on the streets of D.C. White boy, beautiful car. Snow or not, I didn’t like my odds out there.
  • Black faces were staring at me through the shattered window.
  • Mordecai had an intense dislike for District cops, even though most were black.
  • Next was a sight that shocked me: a white man, about forty with no tattoos, facial scars, chipped teeth, earrings, bloodshot eyes, or red nose. He just wanted someone to talk to, preferably someone with a white face. 

There. See how annoying that can be.

My view – An annoying story with an even more annoying narrator. Extremely disappointing.  

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