Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remember It – Yet Another Pointless iPhone App

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but it's really pretty simple. Set the alarm in a place and it goes off when you leave that place.


So this is a location based alarm - I get that. What I don’t understand is - how will the alarm remind me that I have forgotten my keys or credit card or whatever?

From what I can understand, this is supposed to work by the app alerting me when I move from a location. So, when the alarm goes off, I am expected to check for everything I came in with?

I honestly don’t see how this is of any use. If I can remember to set the alarm (when I walk in to a bar) and disable the alarm (when I am walking out of a bar), I can definitely remember to check that I am leaving with everything, right? It’s not like this thing is going to alert me and say ‘hey, you forgot your car keys on the table’.

One of the Perfect for situation highlighted is When you leave your phone charging.

Err.. well, the phone will be in the same place, the phone won’t move which means the location won’t change, which means the alarm won’t go off! How the hell is this perfect for when you leave your phone charging??

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