Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An iPhone Case And Wallet Rolled Into One

BookBookiPhone_Left-Hero BookBookiPhone_keys_headerlarge


Hmm. Not THAT bad. I like the idea of the case and wallet being rolled into one. The site gives a full description of how one can easily pull the phone out a bit and click pics.

Just one thing - SOME users might actually want to make a call from the damn thing (err, it IS a phone after all) and not EVERYONE uses handsfree (I don’t).

Now, it would seem pretty ridiculous holding the open book/wallet/case thingy next to one’s ear. Judging by the pics - doesn’t seem like this case can be flipped back all the way. If it can be, well would look just as much ridiculous with your credit cards and ID flashing on the side, wouldn’t it?

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