Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hate it when people make a big deal of a pointless occasion. I mean… seriously! What's the point? What's so special? You need some specific dates to make people feel special?

At times, there might be compulsions. At times, one might just need an excuse to present a gift and the occasion presents such an opportunity. Understandable. But these are personal. It is between the individuals concerned and only between them! If the person giving the gift wants to share, it is different. If the person receiving the gift wants to share, they will share on their own. None of this merits / warrants the attention from general public or your friends or your circle!

'What gift? What you got? What she gave? What he gave?' Abbey maadar chodon… apna kaam karo! Khud ki life itniiiii boring hai that you feel the need to peek into other's lives??!


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