Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I wasn't born in that country, but I have always found the Indian passport to be a hindrance for me (personally). Perhaps this isn't a global phenomena. I have no way of being sure about that. Perhaps this is just limited to the region of my present residence. Of course, it is definitely better than a Paki or a B'deshi passport, but that's not saying much, now is it?

As far as the generalised statement of Modi goes… They ALL wanted to leave the country for better opportunities - I am not entirely sure how he knows about EVERYONE, but as far as better opportunities are concerned, a majority would STILL want to benefit from better opportunities. That's just common sense. I don't need to conduct or cite a survey for this.

Now they are ready to return even if they earn less in India than abroad - Again, I don't know how the PM can make this claim. If at all that is a fact, then the reasons for someone willing to accept a lower pay should be examined.

There could be plenty of factors. One of which could be that this individual (or group of individuals) feel India is better than the country they currently reside in. This is only ONE of the MANY possibilities. It seems that this is the only one Modi is willing to accept and harp about, conveniently ignoring ALL THE OTHER possibilities - including but not limited to - Legal problems in the country of current residence. Family issues. Retirement. Enough money saved and now no need to slog in that country. Wanting to be closer to family / extended family.

Speaking just for myself here - I have not felt any change in mood with respect to India. I am just as disgusted (if not more) with the Indian politics as I was a year ago. Or two years ago. Or 20 years ago.

I genuinely feel that it would help (Modi and his 'government') if Modi could keep a check on his blabbering. Unnecessary scandalous/sensational statements should be avoided. I am sure Modi's PR team can cook up better ways of keeping this attention-whore in the news.

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