Tuesday, August 4, 2015

'Selfie Against Dowry' Campaign

I have spoken about such 'campaigns' earlier as well [Link]. Pretty sure that I am NOT the only one.

WHY do these things get so hyped? What's the bloody point? This news article attempts to answer similar questions:


Narender Kumar, an Army man deployed in New Delhi, said he was excited about the campaign against dowry. Kumar, who belongs to Chimnawas village in Rewari, has sent a selfie with his wife, Antu Kumari, 22, to the panchayat. "Such a campaign will encourage more people like me who do not believe in dowry," said Kumar, adding that dowry was still prevalent in Ahirwal belt of Haryana, where he comes from.

Dear Mr. Narender Kumar - I hope you understand that people like you are not the intended target this 'campaign' should be attempting to reach. One does not initiate a literacy drive to educate the already educated. One does not initiate an English speaking course for someone who is already fluent in English.

Awareness is required for those who are NOT AWARE. Not for the ones who are already aware.

Also from the article:


Bibipur sarpanch Sunil Jaglan said he has received around 180 entries on his WhatsApp account. "We are getting pictures from other states and other countries too," he said. The last date to submit selfies is August 20 and those with best pictures would be honoured on August 26.

  • The initiators of this idiotic campaign feel that there wont be any need to create AWARENESS against dowry after 20-08-2015.
  • What is the criteria for selecting the BEST PICTURES? One in which the bride is not aflame? One with proper lighting? Most photogenic couple? Is this a selfie contest?
  • The sarpanch wants to 'honour' people who can take good photographs?!

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao. Apni akal ladaao

The problem of dowry (or female infanticide) or any social issue IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY with selfies or trending topics on twitter!

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