Monday, July 11, 2016

Trip To B’bay

I did make a short trip to Bombay in June (Yes,  there was a need). There was a need of spending some time in sophisticated, civilised company. Thank you Surya.

It didn’t matter if it would be for a few hours or at most for a day. At times, one just needs to be able to have an intelligent conversation with a sensible individual. Personality traits that are becoming increasingly rare!

Barring the incident with the ill-mannered old hag on the plane, the trip was an absolute delight.

Wonderful company. Staying at The Leela (for me) just keeps getting better with every visit. Thank you Gerald.

2 Opinions:

Test said...

Brother thats so good that once again you enjoyed "Leela" stay..Can you be a little but more specific. Do they offer enough "Pillows" as i like having 3 to 4 around me. Please if you could give more details about the TRIP?

Unknown said...

Meeting you is always a pleasure, albeit one of short duration.
I am sad that these short and rare meetings have come to an end now. They were beautiful while they lasted. Thanks for all the happy memories.