Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Obviously there is a lot more that’s wrong with that country; it’s not just the President or the Electoral College methodology…

It’s one thing to criticise the policies and / or insensitive/nonsensical remarks of an elected official. Perhaps we could even go ahead and criticise the general appearance and / or shabby/inappropriate sense of dressing. But criticising how s/he likes to eat her/his steak … seriously?!

Trump is criticised for his idiotic remarks, his tweets, his behaviour, his handshakes, several (if not all) of his policy decisions. He is criticised not only for his gaffes but also those of his spokespersons’. Which is all fine and understandable. However… making an issue of how he likes to have his meat?! This is just as idiotic as making an issue about Bill de Blasio having his pizza with a fork [Link]!

Evidently, when it comes to Freedom of Choice, there is a huge problem in the ‘land of the free’. Not just limited to policy makers wanting to ignore it, but even the general public simply having a tough time respecting the choices of an adult for something as simple as how one prefers to have her/his meal.

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