Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MyKey System - Sounds Annoying


Ford Motor has found a new way for parents to keep teen drivers in check when they lend them the car, the company said Monday.

MyKey, a car key with a chip, can be programmed to curtail the top speed of its user to 80 mph.


So this new system, available on the Ford, will let parents (or whoever gets their hands on it) to cap the top speed of the car at 128/130 Kmph (80 Mph). Oh, you think that's bad. Well... it gets worse.

  • The car will alert at speeds of 70/72 Kmph (45 Mph), 88/90 Kmph (55 Mph), 104/105 Kmph (65 Mph).
  • The damn thing can also cap the volume of the car stereo!
  • An alert - every 5 minutes - if the seat belts are not buckled!! (every 5 minutes!!!!)

This sucks.. Come on! you might as well not have the car at all. This is like sitting in a car with your grandparents at the wheel or.. may be an annoying girlfriend who just wont shut up and let you drive the way you want to.

Better off getting a ride with your friend(s).

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