Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tag Heuer - Meridiist




Yes, that is a digital clock on the top of the phone. hmm, guess that too is Tag Heuer's idea of 'luxury' 

Hmm, well they have lost it, for sure. 'Piece of Art' - oh come on! (Psst.. listen to him say it, seems to me - what he really wanted to say was - 'piece of shit')

At the end of the video the guy says: The first pocket watch of the 21st century. hmm I really have no clue what the hell gave him THAT idea.

I have spent a lot of time wondering what makes people buy a Vertu. I have spent a few days fiddling with the Vertu too (well I have good friends), and it didn't help me understand much. But hey, there is a market for everything. One look at the Meridiist and all of a sudden the Vertu doesn't seem that stupid after all. At least the Vertu looks better.

Best leather, best rubber .. sensual experience?? Err.. what does this guy do with his phone?! ok .. I really don't want to know.

Tag Heuer Meridiist Site

2 Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Raj, people don't buy Vertu for the overpriced gadget. They buy it for the personalized concierge services that come with it.

Want Wimbledon tickets? They can get them for you. Want to go to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? They may do that too. No exclusive event may be too exclusive for these guys.

Hell, I would pay that much to be able to pick up the phone and ask my Man Friday to book me two seats to the Oscars at the last moment. :-)

~ Steele

L o r d R a j said...

Steele - thanks for the comments.

the concierge service is great, but you can get the same service from your Private Investment Bank too (citibank - Wealth Management got me tickets to the Bahrain Grand Prix, different story, I couldn't go, but still).

Now, I am sure if anyone would be getting this exclusive phone and demanding such services .. it's obvious s/he would have a reasonably well fed account with one of the private banks.

Vertu provides that service, but the last time I checked, it was free for the first year only. I didn't bother to ask how much would it cost for renewing the subscription.