Friday, February 13, 2009

I agree that I have been impulsive and rash, in the past. I also agree that I still am impulsive about a few things. But I have never been rash or impulsive when it comes to important things. Especially things that concern people that I care about.

What makes them doubt me - is beyond my comprehension. Why they insist that I am (and will remain) an idiot? I do understand if my decision/suggestion is being questioned or someone wants me to elaborate on my reasoning. But rejecting them simply because it came from me!! come on! What makes you believe that I am THAT incapable?

What makes this even worse, is – I am not the only one suggesting this. There are other individuals too who are saying the same thing. You think I am stupid - fine. How about the others? These are individuals who have proved time and again that they can be relied upon. Why doubt them!

The ones you do believe, the ones about whom you can’t stop talking about, the ones you are so proud of - for the love of god - in the past 28 years.. have they even as much as called you to ask how you are doing?? Don’t say yes. I have been around and they haven’t! Even today, it was YOU who called THEM!! and yet!!!!! $%*&

Chuck the way I feel. May be there is something wrong with me. For sure I am not doing what I should be doing. But, there are others who really don’t deserve to be treated this way. Please. We are NOT your enemy. Not all of us can be that incapable. Why is it that you can trust everyone else - BUT me? What the hell have we done to make you feel this way???? At least tell me where the fuck have I gone wrong? What have I done to disappoint you this much?!

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Agnel said...

Are you talking to god?