Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost - Season 5



Just browsing through my bookmarks, and I noticed a link to the LOST (Yawnnn) website. Had pretty much forgotten about that sad show.

See, when you watch one episode a week – it could be a little difficult to notice some pathetic characters or some stupid lines or whatever. But when you have a bunch of episodes and a lot of time on your hands…. well you can’t help but notice all the goof ups. It’s obvious where the script-writer has forgotten what he had jotted down just a few episodes before this one.

And once that happens, you are surprised when someone says things like ‘lost is an awesome series’. Well, add to that – me being overly critical - and that would explain why I think this is a sad series. Not to mention, the fact that it’s become like the Energizer Bunny – keeps going on and on and onnnnnnn!! (that’s not always a good thing) 

Anyways, so I just noticed that Season 5 is airing now (started Jan 21). Have put up some episodes for downloading. Will comment on those later.

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