Tuesday, March 29, 2011

De Bethune iPhone Case


De Bethune

  • Full grain alligator leather (The original, unaltered hide which has had the hair removed. Shows the full grain of the animal. High quality) [Link]
  • The watch has a DB 1024 movement (honestly, I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean but sounds fancy and it must be of some significance because everyone seems to be mentioning it).


err… Seriously!

I do believe I have a reasonable taste in watches (Patek Philippe – Nautilus), and I am aware of SOME terms associated with watches, but most of the jargon goes over my head.

For example – I can’t understand what’s the big deal about an ATOMIC watch getting radio signals and readjusting itself to the PRECISE EARTH TIME (*Scratching head). In some watches, I don’t understand the need or the purpose of 20 different variations of a stopwatch!

To me, it’s similar to the ‘rolling my eyes’ moment when Nokia came up with 5140i and Thermometer was listed as a feature! (Click on the link above. Scroll down to the Phone Features and see it for yourself)

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