Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dhoni Slams Batsmen For Playing To The Gallery

NAGPUR: An infuriated Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni blasted his batsmen for "playing to the gallery rather than for the country" after the home team slumped to a three-wicket defeat at the hands of South Africa in a thrilling World Cup Group B encounter.


Not like I care. I was supporting South Africa anyways.

Just because I happen to be an Indian doesn’t mean that  I HAVE TO like/support the Indian team. For me - it takes a lot more (than having the same nationality) to like or dislike a person or a team.

@Dhoni - Put a sock in it. The guy has been yapping too much anyways. One of his earlier statements - ‘We can’t do anything about our slow fielders. They will remain slow’.

It’s not like his 12 runs and overdose of ‘playing for the country’ attitude did wonders. Ashish Nehra for the final over when South Africa need 13 runs! What the hell was he smoking?

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