Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take Off Offensive Content, Court Tells Social Websites

General Disclaimer:

The contents of this blog (in general) and / or of this post (in specific) are not intended to hurt the sentiments of any individual and / or community.

If you are offended - it is sincerely regretted and I genuinely pity you for your lack of common sense. I also pity your friends and family who have to tolerate your sad existence. Please do seek some help – psychiatric or otherwise – or just go kill yourself and do the world a favour.

This message has been issued in the interest of the general public.


NEW DELHI: Even as the controversy over IT minister Kapil Sibal urging social networking sites to censor offensive content rages on, a trial court has directed several sites, including Facebook,Google, Orkut and Youtube, to remove "anti-religious" or "anti-social" content "promoting hatred or communal disharmony".

Administrative civil judge Mukesh Kumar, in an ex-parte order, directed the social networking sites to remove objectionable content in the form of photos, videos or text which might hurt religious sentiments. The court's order came on a civil suit filed by Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi who had submitted the printouts of the contents.


Some dumb fucks believe that they have the right to NOT be offended. Well – what makes you so special? OR perhaps the question should be – What made you so retarded?

The Judge – Mukesh Kumar's decision is idiotic – to say the least. Who decides what is offensive/objectionable? One man's witch is another man's fairy. What may seem offensive to Mufti Aijaz Arshad may be a hilarious joke for someone else.

Can you think of a single joke that could NOT be termed "offensive"? Think about it:

  • The wife jokes would be offensive to married women.
  • The sardaar jokes would be offensive to the Sikhs.
  • The gay jokes would be offensive to gays.
  • Jokes on politicians/lawyers/teachers/IT guys would be offensive to politicians/lawyers/teachers/IT guys.
  • The Vatican and the pope get offended by everything, so no point in mentioning that with an example.
  • We could crack jokes on dogs / cats – but then we would be offending the animal rights activists.

Now let us talk about the "abusive" posts. Well – the social websites can not be blamed for the abusive language used in the posts. These posts / comments are put up by individuals who are angry or stupid or both. Now, for THAT – most of the websites have a "Report / Report Abuse" button. If anyone finds it offensive, they simply need to report the comment – at which point, the website administrators will take action – if required.

So… err, where is the problem?

Dikhaawon pe mat jaao, apni akal ladaao,
Aur, agar ho sake – to court mein koi kaam ke judge baithaao (no offense intended. If I have hurt the sentiments of Judge Mukesh Kumar or those of Mufti Aijaz – it was not intentional. Just trying to be logical. You should try it too).

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Surya Murali said...

It's all a ploy...

They just want us all to be zombies or droids... stop thinking for ourselves.

We should all be their puppets and they decide our thoughts.

Come to think of it... it is kinda like a vacation for the brain! :D

Surya Murali said...

By the way...

Your disclaimer is cool!

L o r d R a j said...

Seems like the majority has their brain on vacation for a while now.

About the disclaimer - :D