Monday, December 12, 2011

TOI Needs To Hire Better Reporters


The UPA government and minister Kapil Sibal must be congratulated for showing remarkable restraint in not proceeding against Internet companies which hosted pages with defamatory and inflammatory content about religious figures and leaders like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi. For, they had the wherewithal and, most importantly, the power to arm-twist them into submission, whatever may have been the public reaction.


I started reading the article and the above paragraph is all I read. At the end of the paragraph, I had to look up and see the byline. It is usually more effective to name the author and then call him an idiot.

Dhananjay Mahapatra is an idiot. This may be a biased view – given that I didn't bother to read the entire article, but what I did read was idiotic enough to determine that such articles did not merit my attention (err.. any further attention - once I am done criticising the article).

The power to arm-twist them into submission, whatever may have been the public reaction – Hello duffer Dhananjay, wake up!

Sibal uncle was barking screaming for the entire day because he already had a problem with the public opinion. Clearly he was concerned about the negative public opinion already present on the web and hence the yap session. Stating that they could have exercised their power and ignored the public reaction - is idiotic.

He is a member of a political party in a 'democratic' country (at least on paper). Public opinion matters to him. Did that fact escape your mind when you were typing out this nonsense? Or do you actually believe that a politician sincerely cares about the religious sentiments of a community?!? If you do – then you are more messed up than I initially thought.

Obviously, after Sibal's initial rant – someone with a working brain spoke to Sibal and informed him that all he (Sibal) was doing was in fact encouraging even more negative content. And THAT is why he decided to shut up. There is no remarkable restraint here.

It was a stupid thing to do – to begin with. It got out of hand and the only thing that could be done was to shut up and that is what he did.

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