Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Crazy State Of Texas


The US schools with their own police

More and more US schools have police patrolling the corridors. Pupils are being arrested for throwing paper planes and failing to pick up crumbs from the canteen floor. Why is the state criminalising normal childhood behaviour?


I have serious doubts that the average IQ of the entire state of Texas would make it to double digits.

Disorderly Behaviour could include throwing paper planes, spraying perfume, arguing in the playground. A student could get fined or even arrested for back answering a teacher! It seems that in Texas – Kids can't be kids.

Other things that can get you arrested include – wearing inappropriate clothes, coming late to school, carrying cigarettes.

Sparring in the playground could actually get you arrested on a weapons charge (Seriously). The weapons here meaning fists. Students are actually taken to court for swearing in the school bus or punching someone in the playground.

The age of criminal responsibility in Texas is 10. And the cops can handout tickets to children over 11 years old for their UNLAWFUL activities. If the fines are not paid by the time the student turns 17 – s/he will be jailed in an adult prison!??

Paying the fine is equivalent to a guilty plea and will become part of your criminal record. In most cases – perhaps the start of one.

Some more WTF moments:

  • A teacher asked a question "where you can find bla bla", and the student responded "In your culo (ass)". The teacher could have yelled or asked the kid to get out of the class. She got the kid arrested!
  • A teenager was sent to court for throwing milk on a girl he had just broken up with. The article reports it as - they poured milk over each other – so… arrested over a food fight?!
  • Shouting within 500ft of the school property is considered disruption of class and will get you a ticket.
  • Another teacher got a 12 year old student arrested for spraying perfume – on her own neck!
  • There are reports where students were arrested for throwing paper planes.

There is a case where a 15 year old pointed an air gun at security personnel (cops) outside the principal's office. They shot him - dead. In less than 5 minutes of raising his air gun – the kid was shot at 3 times with 2 confirmed hits [Link].

There are cases where force is necessary. Like the one above. I am sure they could have just shot him in the leg or hit the kid with a rubber bullet. The cops could have used pepper spray or tased the boy.

But if the cocks cops are going to arrest students for shouting outside the school gate OR charge 12 year olds with assault for swearing in the playground – clearly the idiots believe they don't have a choice but to proceed with lethal force when it is a 15 year old with an air gun (*rolls eyes).

Yes, there are instances where a kid needs to be disciplined. But getting kids arrested for coming late to school or throwing paper planes?? There is a way to go about things and the way Texas is going about it – can't be right.

This is only going to make matters worse. I mean – if a teacher is going to call the police and have a kid arrested for abusing on the playground – he might as well punch the teacher for being a stupid cunt. Anyways he is going to get arrested, will have to appear in court and will have a criminal record. Why not make it count for something.

A good story to share in the juvenile corrections facility. I punched the ugly bitch sounds a hell lot better than I am serving time because I called my classmate an idiot.

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